Elderly people with limited range of motion can find it difficult to provide the necessary foot care, so this is often left to the family member’s. However, something as simple as clipping a loved one’s toenail incorrectly can cause pain and even infection.

For most seniors, regular professional pedicures are essential to good foot health.

If a senior has diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure, it is important to keep their feet clean and toenails kept short.

The elderly need every 4-6 weeks a footcare, can rest assured the senior’s feet and toes are in good hands.

Pedicures are not just for women anymore!.

It is equally as important for men to keep their feet and toenails clean and healthy, especially if they suffer from the maladies of heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

The senior foot care a matter of my heart.

If mobility is a problem, I will go to your house within 20 km of Killorglin

You can find more information about mobile pedicure here.

Photos of faces and legs are never connected, that would not be right.

Many people dared to come to me when they saw the pictures below because they were ashamed of their feet.

The traces of hard life and hard work are visible on the legs, I treat them with love.



Feet of an old man






Old lady’s feet






A 102-year-old aunt lived alone when she was hospitalized and needed urgent foot care. After that he became a regular client. He lived to be 104 years old.