Manicure                                                          €20  
Japanese manicure                                        €25  
Paraffin hand treatment €15  
Mini Dry Pedicure                                                    €25  
(cuticule, file& polish)    
Mini Spa Pedicure €30  
(soak, cuticule, shaping nails, scrub, and nail polish)    
Professional pedicure with spa feeling €40 -€60
If you have calluses or other problems with your feet, you will receive this treatment.    
(soak, mashine callus removal and polish, cuticule, shaping toes,    
scrub and nail polish of your choice)    
Choose optionals    
– Gel polish €10  
– Toes reconstruction €15 /nail
– Toes controll with Podofix spange €20 /nail