The ancient secret method is the Japanese manicure, was a favourite practice of aristocratic ladies some four hundred years ago. The Emperor’s ladies-in-waiting and even his servants wore impeccable nails, so in addition to their daily attire, make-up and hair, they also paid close attention to the condition of their nails. The condition of the nails always betrayed the social and financial status of the owner – in fact, it’s no different nowadays. Sophisticated ladies have recently reintroduced the Japanese method of polishing manicures, which only uses natural substances in the nail plate. It is this recently rediscovered secret that gives the nails a beautiful pink glow after treatment and a subtle shine that can only be surpassed by a pearl.


The first step is to gently fluff the nail surface, then use a suede polisher to inject the beeswax paste into the nail structure. After the active ingredient has been injected, talcum powder is applied to seal the nail surface, protecting and restoring its natural shine and luster. During the treatment our nails will be stronger and shinier!




It is recommended for weak, stressed, fragmented nails, mainly as a treatment!

A great help to stop nail biting.

It is also recommended to do some treatments after the removal of the artificial nail.