I arrived from Hungary in 2022. My children already lived here in Killorglin and I didn’t want to live without them, so at the age of 56 I embarked on a big adventure. I didn’t regret it, Ireland is beautiful and the people are very nice.

I learned the pedicure profession in Hungary. After a six-month basic course, I took part in a lot of further training, professional development is important to me. I have a pharmacy technician and naturopath degree, all of which I put to the service of my work in order to serve my clients as best as possible.

I left behind a successful practice in Hungary, entrusting my clients to my experienced colleague.

I love my work and my satisfied customers.

I warmly welcome you among my clients.


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See below some feedback from my guests in Hungary:


“I’m glad I found this lady who really does her job well. She is an excellent professional, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to everyone. She is extremely kind, every time spent with her was a valuable conversation as well. It is rare to find such a good professional, I hope that in the future she will be able to take care of the feet and the soul of many more guests.



“I have been visiting Marti from the beginning. I was delighted to see over the years how much she invest into developing the technology she uses. I am going to miss her much. I wish her the very best.”




I am grateful that I was your guest. I will miss you a lot! Good luck!”





“After Márti’s pedicure all my shoes are more comfortable. Easier to work on my feet all day.”




“We loved going to Márti’s place.Our feet were always relieved. “

Marika & Lali




I always feel grateful when I look at this photo. I reflect on how far I have come since then.
I went to work every day with stomach cramps, the atmosphere was oppressive, I love accounting, and payroll but I also wanted something else. 25 years behind the desk was a lot. He was interested in the human soul, naturopathy and health care. I thought hard, quit my depressing job as a chief accountant, went to school, studied foot care, pharmacy, went on hospital internships, and another world opened up. I became a pedicurist. I have to say that at first several people thought I had lost my remaining sanity 😃 I took this picture on my first day 5 years ago. In a salon, I rented a small corner separated by a screen, all my stuff fit in a small rolling drawer. Now I look around my small Foot Care Studio and I have to admit that my eyes are full of tears, today I work with equipment that seemed like an unattainable dream at the time.